Loving Your Neighbor: Muslim Demographics and Trends

In order to befriend people, it helps to have a general idea of who they are. Of course, the best way to get to know an individual is by meeting them personally, but as a complement, it is good to have an idea of the demographics and statistics. I recently read through some articles on Muslim demographics international and domestic. Here is a short digest with some future projections.

Pew Forum - "Mapping the Global Muslim Population" 2009
ASARB - "Religious Congregations & Membership Study" 2010
Pew Forum - "The Future of the Global Muslim Population" 2011
Pew Forum - "U.S. Muslims: Beliefs and Practices in a Global Context" 2012

  • Global Muslim Population & Trends
    • 2010: 1.6 billion (23.4%)
    • 2030: 2.2 billion (26.4%)
    • Muslim pop growth rate twice that of non-Muslims from 2010-2030
    • Muslim pop growth rate slower than 1990-2010
    • Countries with greatest Muslim populations:
      • Indonesia: 202.9 million (12.9%)
      • Pakistan: 174.1 million (11.1%)
      • India: 161.0 million (10.3%)
      • Bangladesh: 145.3 million (9.3%)
  • European Muslim Population & Trends
    • 2010: 44.1 million (6%)
    • 2030: 58.2 million (8%)
    • Nations approaching 10% Muslim population or more in 2030:
      • France (10.3%)
      • Belgium (10.2%)
      • Sweden (9.9%)
  • United States Muslim Population & Trends
    • 2010: 2.6 million (0.8%)
    • 2030: 6.2 million (1.7%)
    • 2010: Immigrants 64.5%, native-born 35.5%
    • 2030: Immigrants 55.1%, native-born 44.9%
    • Immigrants currently come from
      • 1: Middle-East (41% combined total)
      • 2: Pakistan (14%)
      • 3: Bangladesh (5%)
    • Adherence:
      • Believe religion is important
        • US: 69%
        • Rest of the World (RW): 87% (median)
      • Pray daily
        • US: 65%
        • RW: 76%
      • Say Islam is open to interpretation
        • US: 57%
        • RW: 27%
    • By state:
      • Most Muslim state: Illinois (2.8%)
      • Least Muslim state: Montana (0.034%)
      • States whose highest non-Christian population is Muslim:
        • Alabama
        • Arkansas
        • Florida
        • Georgia
        • Kentucky
        • Illinois
        • Indiana
        • Iowa
        • Louisiana
        • Michigan
        • Mississippi
        • Nebraska
        • North Carolina
        • North Dakota
        • South Dakota
        • Texas
        • Virginia
        • West Virginia
        • Wisconsin
        • Wyoming
2010, ASARB, U.S. Religious Census: RCMS


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  4. Hello Nabeel! Something must be wrong in the percentage figures above as I would assume that the majority are muslims in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    But anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge about what muslims believe and how they think, helping me to understand them better.

    Regards Anders

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