Christianity in the Public Square: Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi

This is a forum in which Dr. Zacharias and I discussed Christianity in the public square at Dartmouth University this fall. I pray it edifies you or a friend. Enjoy! (For iPhone users, click here:


  1. Unfortunately, I can't view this video on my smartphone. Somehow there is a plugin issue that doesn't support this. Do you have a YouTube version of this Nabeel?

  2. Fixed it, follow the link. Thanks for alerting me!

  3. Good stuff Nabeel! I'm proud of the work you are doing!

  4. Your speaking is beautiful and insightful as always, Nabeel.

    And, of course, the nitpick (since I never comment without nitpicking): you mentioned a 2005 murder of a Coptic family in New Jersey, likely the Armanious family massacre. It was initially suspected that the murder was religiously motivated because of the family members' involvement with online evangelism as well as the near-constant blood-letting of Copts in Egypt, but as the case developed, it became clear that this was merely a case of robbery, and neither of the men charged with the crimes had any religious motivation.

  5. Thanks for reading the blog, GAP, and thanks for your continued feedback :-)

    The theory that this was just a robbery was a potential explanation that was discarded when more facts came to light. Two of those facts are these: first, most objects of significant value were left behind, including jewelry and cash. Second, the young girl in the family had a tattoo of a cross, and it was specifically targeted for mutilation. Incidentally, while I was speaking in New Jersey this past July, I met a friend of their family. He personally confirmed to me that this was a religiously motivated crime, and that the family had received multiple threats (from Muslims) in the days immediately prior to the murders.

    I hope that paints a more detailed picture for you. I know the anecdotal information might not be credible to you, but I suggest you return to the facts of this case and take another look. Thanks again!

  6. Hello brother! I am so surprised that you answer the comments left here!
    I have a very interesting case and I have no one sufficiently qualified to help me. I wouldn't like to disclosure it here, publicly, but can you or someone in your ministry help me?
    Thank you very much!

  7. Oh, well, I didn't know about that stuff. I found a source that said that some of the jewelry was left behind, but some of it was taken, along with an ATM card with which thousands of dollars were withdrawn from their bank accounts. I couldn't find any sources (aside from blog posts, which aren't sources) that speak of the mutilated tattoo. On the other hand, besides the family member with whom you spoke, some of the family members also told a New York Post reporter that there were threats in the weeks leading up to the murder. The details just seem far too sketchy to come to the conclusion that the murder was religiously motivated. It could have been, and the fact that one of the alleged killers had his charges dropped in 2009 suggest that this crime hasn't been completely solved, but hate-crime murders based on religious affiliation are just too rare in the United States compared to plain-'ole secular murder-robbery.

  8. Well done! Nabeel I really appreciate your work..... from Pakistan

  9. Nabeel sir,u r doing a very great job and all christians are very proud of you,plz!dont leave christ because he is the one and only true God.
    As for me im also a pakistani christian and i am from karachi.Plz! pray for pakistan too for what is happening here to christians...:)

  10. Hi, i just saw by accident one of your youtube videos, and actually i'm impressed that you converted to Christianity and yet you maintained a respectful tone towards Muslims, and i am a Muslim by the way.. and i just want to highligt a couple of issues you mentioned and you were VERY wrong about them :

    1st when you said that Muslims' God is locked in his majestic place away from people which is ver wrong because if you re read the Quran carefully, you'd find the verse : " {وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قَرِيبٌ أُجِيبُ دَعْوَةَ الدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِ فَلْيَسْتَجِيبُوا لِي وَلْيُؤْمِنُوا بِي لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْشُدُونَ}[البقرة: 186] .. so i hope if you are a true Christian believer, try to defend Christianity by genuine facts and don't try to talk to people that none of them knows nothing about Islam and Quran because this is called hypocrisy!

    and second, you are a smart person no doubt about it, but were you really looking for an evidence that Jesus proclaimed himself a God?!!! you should have better look for an evidence that proves he could be God, by logic and not by any testament that could be written by anyone!

    and last, i just can't see how could anyone prove love towards anyone else by torturing himself!!! lol sorry but this is ridiculous and i got to laugh about it! so he got crucified to prove he loved us??!!! i mean couldn't he just prove he loved us by forgiving our sins or in any other less eerie and less violent way?

    and btw Muslims' God proves to be so merciful by telling you not to stop ata certain sin and doom yourself, just keep doing good things and you may be forgiven if you really repented the sin !

    anyway Regards and Good Luck!

  11. I cannot view the video but I still applaud you for doing something. Bringing the awareness to the public with all the bad things happening in our world today, great things aren't forgotten. We need to redeem ourselves and be good to each other. This is a nice subject or theme for PapersBoard to start awareness for Christianity.

  12. Nabeel,
    Listen I just heard about your diagnosis and I want to share my story of healing with you. Listen I first want to tell you that it's not God's will for you to die or to suffer this disease. This came from the devil and he's mad that you are bringing so much light in to the world and to his kingdom and he is counter attacking and he's taking advantage of your knowledge concerning God's will to heal as he did me for 7 years while I almost died of a thyroid disease.

    Please, I am telling you this is the cure: Go to Andrew Womack's webiste, He uses the word of God to teach people how to receive healings. He has seen and known over 30 people to be raised from the dead in his life including his son dead for 5 hours and his wife.

    Also, check out duane sheriff ministries, he also has experience in raising people from the dead and they are my favorite two preachers and through listening to them I have been healed of a thyroid disease three miraculous times.

    Please call Andrew womack ministries prayer center and they will teach you how to be healed through renewing your mind. And God will give you a miracle if you get too close to leaving before seeing a healing but you will learn so much about healing and you're gonna just rub the devil's nose in this for the rest of your life and this will be your greatest testimony.

    The thing that I really want to tell you is the secret to healing is that it comes from your heart and spirit. Once my heart was healed of it's broken ness, my body lined up. If you are in fear of these people or if you search your heart for anything and realize that it was broken somehow, ask God to show you what it is or what could be stopping the healing from flowing. It is never God that is stopping the healing it is us and what we don't know.

    I can't wait to see your healing journey and to see you out there bringing the devil's kingdom down in an even greater way than you did before. I promise you, you're gonna receive your healing and God wills it and you have all of these people to support you and hold you and love on you until you receive it.

    I love you and I know God loves you more than me.

    - <3 Alise

  13. The early Christian community functioned as a sect, much like Judaism during the time of Jesus. Sects and counter-cultures generally defy the broader world, they are moralizing and a sect is exclusivistic. The Christian community in the first three centuries is defined by these characteristics.

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