Interview with the Gospel Coalition

Hello folks!

I was recently interviewed by Petar Nenadov at the Gospel Coalition. Read the article here. Below is an excerpt.

Loving requires knowing. And in a new book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim's Journey to Christ (Zondervan), Nabeel Qureshi aims to help Christians better love their Muslim neighbors by providing an insider's perspective into a Muslim's heart and mind.
Through personal narrative, Qureshi covers a range of topics including the relationship between the Qur'an (Islam's sacred text) and Hadith (Muhammad's words and actions recorded in tradition) as well as the cultural challenges between East (honor-shame cultures) and West (innocence-guilt cultures) in dialogue and evangelism. As one of the newest members of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Qureshi has the unique ability to address misconceptions on both sides between Christians and Muslims.
I corresponded with Qureshi about what he appreciates about Islam, consequences Muslim converts face, what Western Christians can learn, and more.
As the son of Pakistani immigrants to the United States, you share candidly about the ignorance of many American neighbors and classmates concerning Muslims. What would you like to share with those same people concerning what you appreciate most about Islam?
What I appreciate most about Islam is the discipline it instills in its adherents, the reverence Muslims have toward the Creator, and Muslims' commitment to memorizing the Qur'an. I think Christians could learn a lot from their Muslim neighbors about memorizing Scripture, approaching God with respect, and pursuing personal discipline.
What are Islam's main objections to Christianity?
The primary objection Islam poses to Christianity revolves around the person of Jesus. Orthodox Christianity teaches Jesus is the ultimate revelation, God himself, who through his sacrifice on the cross has paid for the penalty of all mankind. The message doesn't just come through Jesus; the message is Jesus.
Islam, on the other hand, teaches that Christianity is just one of a series of revelations. It teaches that many religious figures have come throughout time, sent by God, Jesus being one of them. He's no more than a messenger. He didn't die on the cross, let alone for the sins of mankind. God hasn't paid our penalty, and we are unsure of our destiny until after the judgment has been cast.
In all these things, Islam challenges the person of Jesus and the path to salvation as taught in Christianity...

To read the full article, click here.


  1. Dear Nabeel,

    I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I came to Christ 5 1/2 years ago and have a deep desire to study and learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. Your book was fascinating both as purely engrossing reading (I couldn't put it down) and as a learning tool for both Christians and Muslims (or members of any religion, for that matter).

    I am planning to give the book as gifts to several people. The time you invested in understanding both sets of beliefs is truly admirable and impressive. May God bless your endeavors always.

    Nancy Robertson

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  4. I'm praying that God would raise one more nabeel qureshi in these last days for evangelical work. Amen!

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