The One-Minute Apologist Asks Me: Are Muslims Getting Saved Through Dreams And Visions?


  1. Awesome! Really appreciate your fire and yearning to get the message out, the work of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Nabeel, I am really encouraged by your story and I pray that The Lord keeps strengthening and using you like he is using you right now. I was born as a muslim back gave my life to Jesus Christ and believed in Him as the one who came to this earth and died for my sins on the cross and rose again after the third day I have accepted Him as my Lord and saviour. However I'm facing this issue of telling my dad about it because as you know that can cause a lot of problems and I want to respect and love my Dad but I cannot let Jesus go either. so I would like to know how you survived this period of your life where you had to go against what your parents believe... Thank you

    1. Brother Abdoul Soumahoro, Am also Muslim I gave my life to Jesus Christ and believed in Him he is My Savior and LORD, I told My parents about JESUS and His Salvation but My parents not accepted, I pray to Lord for change my parents. By his grace my sister believed in Jesus and soon God Will bring all my people in to salvation, tell Gospel to your Parents and pray for them one day God Will...

  3. I have a cousin whose daughter I led to Christ 2 years ago. She is a sophomore in high school and is a brilliant thinker. She has so many great questions/doubts about Christianity being "the way" b/c of learning about the other religions in school and through her peers. I would love for her to hear your full testimony and to hear any other stories of those who have come to Christ through serious philosophical questioning and doubts. Thanks for any help/guidance.

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