If Islam Teaches Violence, Must Muslims be Violent?

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  1. Quereshi, your talks help me. I am a 73 year old Catholic priest. I have a friend from Bosnia who is Muslim. He is only 28, but our friendship is a good one. We confide to each other. 'Damir' inspires me to be a better person. In my eyes Damir is just like Christ. "If Jesus is like Damir, why should I be 'in the dark' about Christ. So Damir has given me a new 'knowledge' of Christ, totally in accord with Scripture, but a more 'tangible' Christ.(See 1 Jn 1:1-4).
    The 'Muslim Family' is hard to leave emotionally.It is, perhaps, like unto a 'nationality' for Westerners. If I hear you correctly, you would agree.
    To the extent that it is consistent with Christianity, Damir can be, not a 'Chrislum', but perhaps a Christian Muslim. He is proud of 'Zlatan Ibrahimovic' the soccer player from Bosnia. Damir plays & loves soccer. Damir cannot be 'uprooted' brutally from his Bosnian-Muslim heritage.
    When the Church entered China, She made the mistake of trying to 'Romanize' the Chinese converts. As John Paul said in 'Redemptio Hominis' the Holy Spirit has already been at work among the Chinese. Many thing in that culture are good, the work of the Holy Spirit.(Jn 1:9)
    Damir has traits that I admire, derived from his Bosnian culture, which in turn, to some degree, must come from his Islamic Faith.Damir is friendly, generous, and, we hug each other spontaneously.
    I have given him a Bible, but one point we agree on is our liking of John Paul II.
    Your Blog is invaluable. Father Peter Pigott, C.R.