I'm Learning Arabic at Middlebury!

Hello, my faithful friends!

I'm writing this blog post on the eve of an immersion language program that prohibits me from speaking English for two months. Starting 7am tomorrow morning, with very few exceptions, I will no longer be allowed to speak English until August 10th. I hope to become much more proficient in Arabic by the next time you hear from me. Well, at least by the next time you hear from me in English; I might bumble my way through an Arabic tweet or two :-)

I hope to learn Arabic well so I can be more precise and accurate in my Islamic studies. Please pray that I will work with excellence to glorify Him not just in the outcome, but in the process :-) Your prayers are coveted and greatly appreciated.

In Him,

P.S. I may intermittently be posting short updates and tweets in Arabic. Feel free to use http://translate.google.com to read :-)


  1. Nabeel, you said you are for free speech and how important it is, right?
    It is so important that acts 17 is concentrating so much on it, you had to split, right?

    Well, than pls tell me how come that users are blocked at acts17 all the time?

    Sure David accepts critical voices from muslims, but only to prove his points, but as soon there is some critique coming from other christians, such as me, David blocks it right away!

    Now david had to feel for himself how that feels like, youtube and some other video plattforms blocked his video about 1001 muslim inventions.
    The reason does not matter, on the end of the day, the same rule david applies to the users of his blog, they apply to their users.
    Those are all private owned plattforms and/or video blogs and they can bann, or block whomever they want to, just like David, the free speech hero, blocks ppl on his blog.

    However, justice is served, just dont act as if u really care for free speech, because thats a bold face lie, u only care about YOUR free speech, not about the free speech of ALL!

    So, dont complain about the 1001 video thing, you, or David had it coming so bad, that I wondered why that took so long.

    Now, if u dont want that to happen again, maybe u guys should stop being hypocites and actually do not block critical voices.
    I wonder how long this posting will be on, after all I did not use any profanity, which means a free speech hero such as you Nabeel, cant really delete that comment of mine, or what?!

  2. Dear Peter,

    Nice name. Your name is that of a man who was good at heart, and earnestly sought to follow God, but sometimes acted rashly. At one point, during a moment of trial and confusion, he even called curses down on himself. Despite all this, he was loved by God because his heart was inclined to repentance, humility, and grace. I sincerely pray that you will live up to your name.

    I have one comment for you, friend: when it comes to your post, I am most concerned about relevance. It's not just a matter of respect and lack of profanity. Someone could post the most brilliant comments, extremely respectful, and totally devoid of profanity, and I would still delete it if it were irrelevant. Let's imagine someone posted a medical article on my website. Let's say a medical researcher commented on the standard of care for osteomyelitis and it was the most scholastic and respectful article I had ever seen. I would still delete it, because it is irrelevant to this blog, and specifically, to the post he would have commented on. Your post is the same. All your complaints, passionate as they are, are not relevant to this blog.

    But I will leave your post on this site, not on account of your taunt at the end, but rather so that I will have something to point to the next time someone leaves an irrelevant post on my site. At that point, whether it is you or someone else, the irrelevant post will be deleted.

    I pray that you will be an exemplar of respect and grace. Sincerely,

  3. Hey Nabeel,

    All the very best. Do best and try to learn arabic online also.