Quick Update from Nabeel

Dear Friends and Blog Readers,

Sorry I've been away from the blog for a while! Some amazing things are going on in my life and ministry, and I want to give you a summary :-)

I've been working on many long-term projects that I'm looking forward to putting out within the next year. Two potential books, one booklet, and my thesis paper just to name the long term stuff :-) I hope to ultimately publish all four of these projects, and two of them are well on their way in that direction.

The ministry has been keeping me busy, as well! Aside from speaking to Christian high schools (quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do!) I was given the opportunity to work alongside Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel for a broadcast on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, which was streamed live to thousands of viewers. I also had a great time working with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries at an apologetics workshop at American University back in September. In addition, I spoke at a few apologetics conferences, evangelism seminars, university events, and churches this past fall.

Big things coming up in the Spring include a class I'm teaching on Islam at Biola in April, so if you're near La Mirada, put it on your calendars! April 19th-21st. Other events include a revival in Southern Maryland, teaching a few sessions in Louisville at Southeast Christian Church, and heading back to Colorado to speak for Summit ministries and also for Cherry Hills Community Church. There's a bunch more... in fact, just keep up with the Creed 2:6 calendar if you'd like to see us in person or know what our ministry is up to this Spring :-)

I've also been quite blessed in that the Lord has been bringing some very amazing people into my life! I can't release too many details, but I've got two fantastic mentors who have been pouring into me, two heroes of mine who have been working with me, a few people whom I've been dialoguing with and/or mentoring, and a church of believers in Monterey, CA who have been treating me and Michelle like family, offering us respite from ministry and the love of Christ.

It's been an amazing time! Again, sorry for the sparse blog entries - I'll see what I can do about transitioning some of my research and work into bloggable material on the fly :-)

Much love to all! In Him,


  1. It's so great that you're doing well in your ministry! I'll continue praying for you!

  2. Revival in Southern MD? I live in Frederick, MD. I hope I can meet you my brother, someday.

  3. I live about forty miles from La Mirada; so, maybe I will get a chance to see you. A few months ago, I did miss attending debates and lectures by Sam Shamoun, David Wood, and Jay Smith when they were also near there. Hopefully, I don't get strike four.