Debate between Bart Ehrman and Dan Wallace: The Reliability of the New Testament

Hey folks! I'm currently in Louisville, KY at medical missions conference, on my way to San Francisco for EPS and SBL. I just got an email from my good friend, Dr. Daniel Wallace. If you don't know him, I always like to introduce him by saying he "wrote the book on Greek grammar... literally." He just debated Dr. Bart Ehrman on the topic of NT reliability. I'll quote his email below:

Hey Nabeel, I recently debated Bart Ehrman for the second time over the reliability of the text of the New Testament. This time it was at SMU on Oct 1, before the largest gathering ever to hear a debate over the NT text. A DVD was produced professionally by a film crew using four HD video cameras. It's just over two hours long, and really lays out the issues well. There were many Muslims there, cheering Bart on! I wondered if you would be willing to mention it in your circles of influence. Below is the embedded video link for a 55 second trailer. Or you could just point people to ""--the trailer and info on how to order is on the front page. Thanks, my friend!

The link I have been using is:

I greatly respect the scholarship of both of these men, so I can't help but endorse this debate! I hope you avail yourself of this opportunity, my friends!


  1. What would be easiest for me is if an online copy could be purchased at Amazon. Would there be any hope of this?

  2. Hi Donna--

    No, it looks like Amazon doesn't have it. Our ministry has some of these DVD's, so you could get it from us. Normally we go out to events and would bring some along. What you can do, though, is donate $20 to our ministry through the links at, include your shipping address, and we'll send one out to you.

  3. Hey Brother Nabeel,
    Many Muslims cheer Bart Ehrman. It make me laugh sometime. Many Muslims do not realize that Bart Ehrman believe Jesus Christ died on the cross that refute Quran. I pray someday they wake up that Quran is not come from God.

    1. Lol do you know anything about historical studies. it appears not. Historians - can only CONSTRUCT a theory about what occurred in the past. A historical fact doesn't necessarily equate to absolute truth of the past.

      A historical fact is not the same as a mathematical fact. 1+1=2 is demonstrable and reproducible. You cannot measure/reproduce the past.

      Furthermore you are reallying on eyewitness testimony. We have learned through the that eyewitness testimony is highly unreliable.

      Couple points that will expose christianity:

      1) unreliability of new testament
      2) Old testament NEVER teaches the concept of a christian messiah... all those "prophecies" aren't prophecies but just mere verses taken out of context. Isaiah 53's suffering servant is Israel, Psalm 22:16 is like a lion, etc... Even christian scholars like Dr. Walter Brueggeman agree that suffering servant is Israel - not jesus.
      3) And all the "inference to be hypothesis" by christian apologist are bogus because those "facts" are in dispute.. empty tomb never existed, 500 witnesses never existed.