Islam 101 - 5 - Hadith


  1. I sure wish you would post notes on this, because I don't know how these words are spelled. The reason I would like to know more, is that this is always the point where discussion breaks down, when I am talking to a Muslim on another website. They will tell me that a Hadith is not authentic. So, then I ask them to explain to me what they mean by authentic, and they never respond. It becomes the end of the discussion.

  2. Hi Nabeel,

    Thanks for the info it was helpful. Regarding the 5 daily prayers I swear I went through the text and formulated the 5 prayers within the Qur'an itself. I'll have to dig up the Surahs and post another comment of my formulation but if you have any references to back up your statement I'd love to see it. I'm not versed in Arabic so I was relying on an English translation of the Qur'an.

    Secondly, do you consider it more valuable to read Tafsir in conjunction with the Qur'an? I've been using Ibn Kathir's at but wanted to know if there are other authentic online versions you use? I was shocked by some of the commentaries of the Surahs by the way and I wonder if most modern day Muslims refer to the Tafsir or not? I like the way that Ibn Kathir has correlated Hadith to its Surahs. One of the surprises for me was discovering that in Islam we remain married in Heaven. What are your thoughts on Surah 56:27-40 and the Tafsir?

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