New: "Sermons and Such" on!

A new section of the Creed 2:6 website has just been created where you can download some of my past audio sermons. There are two up right now, one from March on "Courageous Christianity" and another from May on "The Jesus Story: Defending Deity."

I'd love to hear your feedback on them!


  1. I listened to both of the sermons on Wednesday. I'm generally not a person to listen to sermons, so I haven't heard a whole lot besides the ones the pastors at my church give, but I must say, you might be the best preacher I have ever heard. You have a lovely voice and you really sound like you're preaching from the heart. I especially loved most of "Courageous Christianity."

    I couldn't help but get the feeling that the two sermons somewhat contradicted each other at a certain point. In "The Jesus Story: Defending Deity," you talked about how people believe all the stories they wish to believe, the stories that make them feel good, and I think you're entirely correct that that is how a lot of people choose their beliefs. But in the "impromptu" portion of "Courageous Christianity" (which was horribly unhistorical when it came to the relationship between the Nazis and atheism), you ranted about how the belief that the universe and its subsequent life came out of nothing leads to unspeakable horrors, which I assume you were describing because you were showing how bad the world would be without belief in God. Assuming that those are the consequences of a godless universe, wouldn't that be rejecting atheism's narrative in favor of a theistic one on the basis of one sounding more wonderful than the other, exactly what you criticized in the other sermon?

  2. GAP--

    Thanks for the feedback, that's good to hear :-)

    Regarding the perceived contradiction in the Courageous Christianity lecture, I think you misunderstood my point. My point was not "pick which one sounds more wonderful"; it was "our society is languishing in its implicit atheism; it is so horrific and so destructive that we ought to be spurred to constant, courageous evangelism." I'll make sure to make that point more clearly if I ever go on a similar impromptu tangent again :-)

    Regarding the "horribly unhistorical" relationship between nazis and atheism, I conceded in the sermon that I was "telescoping ideas". It was not the place to go into a details. The ultimate point, however, was correct: it was an atheist mindset that bore out the nazi application of eugenics, which is that a living being has no inherent value. It certainly wasn't a judeo-christian mindset which did so, since the latter entails that every living human ultimately has the image of God borne on his being. That was my point. You can't exactly get into intricate points in sermons, especially when you're already running over time :-)

    I appreciate the feedback - yours is all I've gotten! Cheers.

  3. Hi Nabeel.

    I just watched your sermon on courageous Christianity and can honestly say it was the best sermon I have heard. I grew up in the catholic faith in N.Ireland and because of the segregation between catholics and protestants here I was limited to the churches to go to. I dont go to church anymore for a number of reasons, mainly because I dont believe in what the catholic church teaches but also because of how boring the sermons are. I prefer to read the bible myself and then read up on other people's opinions.

    The reason I liked your sermon is because it was brutally unapologisitic in speaking the truth and also I know that you practice what you preach.(e.g dearborn festival). I think what you say is true that people dont want to tell people about the punishment of rejecting God but also that people are embarrassed to share the gospel. I am ashamed to say that although I have never denied Christ I have hesitated to share what I know about the Gospel on a few occasions so your words really hit home with me. Its sermons like these that are needed in churches here. I also admire how even when rebuking you do so in love. I am not writing all this to kiss your backside but you deserve to know that your work is not falling on deaf ears.

    I look forward to hearing more of your sermons in the future.

    God Bless you and your loved ones.

  4. The Israelite,

    Thanks for your feedback and kind remarks. Two of my favorite Christian speakers whose sermons you might enjoy are John Piper and Francis Chan. They really stoke my fire whenever I hear them.

    Please pray that the Lord will guide my heart and mind as I continue in ministry. My next Sermon is about 10 days from now, and I'm presently preparing it.

    May the Lord bless you, dear friend.

  5. hi, i clicked on the link to the creed for the sermons and it took me to some workout health page?

  6. Me too: I clicked on the link to the creed for the sermons and it took me to some workout health page?

  7. Hi Nabeel I really wanted to listen both the sermons, please help me where can I get that or download that

  8. Hi Nabeel I really wanted to listen both the sermons, please help me where can I get that or download that