Islam 101 - The Five Pillars

Part 2 of the Islam 101 Series: The 5 Pillars of Islam


  1. This was a very helpful video; good job. Now I know how to say the Shahada in Arabic! (Not meaning it, of course.)

    About the post script thing:

    1. Is there any authoritative website or something with which you can prove that the Zoroastrians pray five times a day at the same times as Muslims pray the Salaat? Not that I think you're a liar, but I just want to make sure.

    2. Didn't the Jews pray in a specific direction and do ritual washing, too? Wouldn't it be more likely that Muhammad got it from them, rather than the Zoroastrians (which would therefore place it in line with previous revelation, as a Muslim would argue)?

  2. 1) It's very hard to find anything "authoritative" when there is so much diversity within religions. That said, I see prevalence as a measure of authoritativeness, and I've seen the 5 prayers of zoroastrians listed out on multiple occasions. Perhaps your search for them will yield the same results.

    2) You are right that the Jews did ritual washing, though I'm not sure about the direction of prayer (I know Muslim sources say they prayed facing Jerusalem, but I'm not sure if that's a reliable tradition). Regardless, the form of washing parallels the Zoroastrian form moreso than the Jewish form (hands up to the forearms, feet up to the ankles, and face). You're quite right, there is some wiggle room on this, but I think the evidence leans in favor of a Zoroastrian source.

    3) Regarding previous revelation, Muslims could argue that the Zoroastrian religion started out as prophetic -- don't forget, the average Muslim believes there were well over 100,000 prophets who came to the earth with revelation from Allah. So the door to that argument isn't closed per se, though it would appear to certainly be less palatable than an argument from Abrahamic origin.

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