Why Did Jesus Say, "The Father Is Greater Than I"?...

Great post from Acts 17! Here's the video:

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  1. Just recently watched this vid, this was a masterful explanation. Sam did a great job by the grace of god.

  2. The Father is the entire substance, but the Son is a derivation and portion of the whole, as he himself acknowledges: "My Father is greater than I" [John 14:28]

    Amazing how Christianity evolves!

  3. Justin Martyr:

    ... and that we reasonably worship Him, having learned that He is the Son of the true God Himself, and holding Him in the second place, and the prophetic Spirit in the third, we will prove. For they proclaim our madness to consist in this, that we give to a crucified man a place second to the unchangeable and eternal God, the Creator of all; for they do not discern the mystery that is herein, to which, as we make it plain to you, we pray you to give heed.